Trinerd Studios


Trinerd Studios is based in Ontario, Canada and was created in 2012 by Art Hare and Eric Greig who are self admitted "triathlon nerds". Trinerd Studios is passionate about getting people motivated to excercise. We want to create applications that make workouts challenging, fun and exciting all at the same time. Tour de Giro is the first of many projects that the studio has lined up. Our online racing simulation will give customers an experience that will help make excercise more fun than it already is.

Our Core Vaules

Help people play

We are commited to designing products/services that will bring joy to people's lives through play.

Fun for all

Our products and services should be appropriate for all ages, sexes, and cultures.

Listen, listen again and then ask for more feedback

We make great products and services by listening to our customers needs and delivering on our promises.