Game Features of Tour de Giro

  • Indoor riding that has variety and is motivating instead of torturous.

  • Play with up to 60 human racers at once from across the globe.

  • All the tactics of draft racing.

  • Play against challenging computer oppentents.

  • Virtual power at a fraction of the the cost for those using speed cadence sensors.

  • Cycle against friends, enemies and strangers right from your home.

  • Race the World Online

    3d environment


    Local Multiplayer

    Draft Tactics

    Meet Your Opponents

    Savey aka "Wheelsucker"
    Will not help users or packs and saves remaining energy for a big finish in the last 20% of the race.
    Hillman adjusts his power upwards on uphills, and downwards on downhills.
    Will stay at the wattage posted after his name and never shift from it. For example; Dopey145 will allways remain at 145 watts no matter the terrain.
    Will take to the front and try to increase the pack speed
    Helpys will pick another rider to help, and will try to stay ahead of that rider, shielding them from the wind. Helpys especially like helping human riders.