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    Map:Tawas Half IM (5%-63%)
    End Time: December 8 2015, 11:20am
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:AATC Tuesday Ride
    popstarron Cathy: My Watts were all over the place...was anyone else having that problem? I can't consider my results accurate. See you next week!December 8 2015, 6:31am
    mdana517 Mine were within 3% of my power meter ( I run a computrainer on TDG but have a power meter hooked up also.) until I flatted about 20 minutes into the ride. After that I can't verify.December 8 2015, 7:40am
    mdana517 I left my computer on last week with TDG running. So it entered men in a race but has 0.00 watts. That is why my 2 hour PR keeps showing up. Is there any way for me to delete that ride?December 8 2015, 7:42am
    PeterD Nice ride all. My power numbers look ok. TDG was actually running well this morning on my side. Yes Matt you need to figure out how to get ride of the 0.1 PR on the 2 hour!December 8 2015, 8:44am
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